KS Solano FF 273.5 PC, 245 (a)(4) PC; 422 PC Felony 4 yrs SP Dismissal All CHARGES were dismissed by the DA after cross-examamination by Mr. Chan during trial. 4 months
CY Sacramento 23152 (a)(b) VC Felony 3 yrs SP Probation Not even one day spent in jail; only ordered to do 180 day residential program through the VA 1 year
DM Sutter 23151 (a)(b) VC Misdo 2 yrs CJ Probation two pending DUI cases at the same time, DA offer 180 days jail, result was zero jail and counseling only as client was military vet 4 months
PC Sacramento 23151 (a)(b) VC, 1320 PC Misdo 2 yrs CJ Dismissal After arrest client failed to appear in court leading to six year delay in prosecution. Got warrant recalled and with speedy trial motion got case dismissed in total. 3 months
MP Sacramento 245 (A)(1) PC Felony 4 years SP Dismissal Proved to Judge and DDA that client acted in self defense, all CHARGES dismissed. 4 months
RC Sacramento 23152 (a)(b) VC 3rd offense Misdo 1 yrs Dismissal offer was 220 days jail, filed a motion to suppress for violation of clients 4th amendment rights, Judge agreed and case dismissed after a contested hearing. 6 months
MS Sacramento 11350 HS Felony 3 yrs SP Dismissal Was able to convince the DA that the drugs were lawful to have even with out a valid prescription. 2 months
HM Yolo 11880 (a) PC, 182 PC Felony 15 yrs Plea Agg Over 20 work comp fraud CHARGES dismissed, plea deal for misdo and home arrest. Restitution claim of many 100k was negotiated down to 17k 6 months
HM Sacramento 118 (a) PC Felony 3 yrs SP Dismissal Perjury charge was dismissed by DA as they couldn’t prove the elements for conviction. 3 months
CR Sacramento 23152 (a)(b) VC Misdo 6 months CJ Dismissal Motion to suppress filed by defense for violation of 4th Amendment Rights, office ross examined by Mr. Chan, Judge and DA lost all their evidence and dismissed all CHARGES. 4 months
VP Sacramento 245 (A)(1) PC Felony 12 yrs SP Plea Agg Initial offer 10 years admitting prior strike and pleading guilty to a second strike. After live px, misdo offer no jail time, 1 year summary probation. 8 months
ER Solano FF 2647 (b) PC Misdo 1 yr CJ Dismissal As it was the clients first time arrested with no criminal history Richard was able to convince DA to dismiss all charges with some counseling. 7 months
MA Sacramento 2550 (e)(1) PC Misdo 1 yr CJ Dismissal Insurance fraud case to be dismissed and the charges expunged from clients record with the payment restitution. No jail no fines. 3 months
SB Sacramento 2211 pc, 12022.5 pc Felony 15 years SP Probation Robbery with personal use of firearm, was able to convince the DA to drop firearm enhancement and over DA objection got the Judge to offer probation. 5 months
JJ Yuba 223152 (a)(b) VC Misdo 1 yr CJ Dismissal Able to get this combat veteran into VA programs to deal with PTSD, etc and convinced DDA to dismiss entire case after treatment. 14 months
FB Yolo 2245 (a) (1) PC Felony 4 years SP Probation 3 yr prison offer from DA, after long cross examination of victim, three separate cases, bar fight gone bad for college student and resolved for 15 days total of work alternative 6 months
RK San Mateo 211379 HS Felony 3 years SP Dismissal Client charged with sales of narcotics with multiple defendants. During the cross exam of arresting officer by Mr. Chan, DA stood and dismissed all charges against this client. 2 months
JP Sacramento 223152 (a)(b)vc; 20002 vc Misdo 4 yrs CJ Dismissal DA wanted 90 days CJ and a guilty plea b/c of clients old criminal history. Mr. Chan researched and filed a motion to suppress b/c officer kicked in door at clients house. After evidentiary hearing was granted by Judge and DDA dismissed DUI case.
JM Alpine 223152 (a) VC Misdo 1 yr CJ Resolution Offer was to plead guilty and do jail time. Mr. Chan hired an expert and was able to show the DA the traces of THC in clients blood does not mean impairment. Resolved case for driving ticket violation.

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SP – State Prison
CJ – County Jail