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Whether you like it or not you are now in the criminal justice system. It is an adversarial system, the people of California have the prosecutor – you need an effective, experienced and aggressive criminal attorney to represent you.

I know the system, the law, the possible resolutions and the defenses in the event of a trial.

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Attorney Richard A. Chan Jr.
Attorney Richard Chan

Richard Chan is a Former Deputy D.A. & knows how the other side thinks. The law firm has handled over 20,000 criminal cases and is available 24 hrs a day.

If you have been issued a citation, charged a DUI or another criminal offense your liberty, your name and your reputation are at stake. It is important that you consult with an experienced criminal attorney at our office as soon as possible. In some cases, your driver’s license is at stake impairing your ability to drive to work and provide for your family. You’re right to vote and you’re ability to own a firearm may be at stake.

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    Client Testimonials


    I was charged with a 3rd time DUI. The District Attorney’s Office wanted me to plead guilty and serve 180 days in jail. I retained the Law Offices of Richard Allaye Chan, Jr., A Professional Corporation. Mr. Chan felt my Constitutional Rights were violated. He filed a Motion for a hearing on whether or not my rights were violated. Before we even had the hearing the District Attorney’s Office dismissed the entire case. The results were more that I expected. I would highly recommend Sacramento criminal defense lawyer Richard Allaye Chan.

    – R. K.


    Richard Chan is a phenomenal criminal lawyer. He just represented a family member in a fraud case and was able to reduce the charges. His background as a prosecutor gives him invaluable insight. Richard Chan was concerned not only about the charges against this family member but the cause of the behavior. He tenaciously addressed the charges and the underlying behavior. His associate, Patricia Chapman, also provided tremendous support and effort in this matter. I am very thankful for the outcome in this case and highly recommend Richard Chan as a criminal lawyer.

     – Dona S.


    Richard Chan represented me for my 1st DUI. This was a felony charge my first arrest.in my lifetime. Richard Chan used his knowledge of the legal system expertly. My case dragged out for almost a year. Richard Chan kept me informed of all proceedings, what to expect, and how we should handle each court appearance. My sentence was greatly reduced because of Mr. Chan. I will always appreciate his help and support and recommend him highly. Recently a family member needed representation and Richard Chan stepped in and helped him reduce a felony charge to a misdemeanor! In my opinion Richard Chan is the very best there is.

    – Betsy D.


    Richard Chan is great, I recommend. He has the confidence to win for sure. Watching him work is like art. As a lawyer my boyfriend requested his services and Richard was able to breeze right through the case effortlessly. This man has vast knowledge and isn’t scared of a challenge. If you need a criminal defense lawyer I would give Richard Chan a call.

    – Chadena C.


    I thought I was really in trouble. I had a previous domestic violence conviction on my record and my wife charged that I did the same thing to her. I was afraid I was going to spend more time in jail, do another 52 weeks of counseling and be on another 3 years of probation. I was given Mr. Chan’s name and I am very happy I called him. He obtained all of the records, 911 tapes and photographs. He fully investigated my case. He convinced the District Attorneys to dismiss the entire case before we went to trial. I would highly recommend Sacramento criminal defense lawyer Mr. Richard Allaye Chan, Jr. to anyone with a Domestic violence.

    – R. S.


    I cannot believe what a tremendous job The Law Offices of Richard Allaye Chan has done. I got arrested; my bail was $35,000.00, charged with felony Domestic Violence. The alleged victim was cut severely, requiring hospitalization and multiple stitches. I did not do it. I was innocent. Richard Allaye Chan took my case, took my case, asked me to be patient, promised to do his best and ultimately all charges were dismissed and I was free. Mr. Richard Allaye Chan is a fabulous trial lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone.

    – M. L.


    I was charged with assault with a deadly weapon 242 (A) (1) PC (felony assault by means of force likely to create great bodily injury). The entire thing was a mistake and the Sacramento District Attorney’s office said I hit someone in the face with a glass and cut them. There was glass and there were injuries, but I was defending myself. At first I had the Public Defender, who tried to get me to take a deal. I consulted with Mr. Chan who told me very realistically my odds of beating the entire case were good, but he could make no guarantees. I trusted Mr. Chan and his staff, as they were very professional, returning my telephone calls regularly and answering all of my questions, and kept me informed as to what was happening at all stages of the proceedings. He investigated the case thoroughly and on the day the victim was called to testify the Sacramento District Attorney’s changed their tune and I ended up getting my entire case dismissed. After a few counseling sessions I was able to get my entire felony case dismissed. The staff at Allaye Chan Law did a tremendous job and I would recommend them to anyone with a legal problem.

    – Maria

    I was arrested for driving under the influence and hit and run. I hired Mr. Chan because he was straight forward with me in my consultation. My alcohol level was .30, three times the limit. The police officers violated my constitutional rights. Mr. Chan told me to be patient, did research and drafted and filed with the Court a Motion to Suppress. The District Attorney’s Office opposed the motion vigorously. Mr. Chan cross-examined the police officer before the Judge and the Judged ruled in our favor. The Judge suppressed all the evidence, concluding the officer violated my constitutional right and dismissed my case. I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Richard Allaye Chan, Jr., A Professional Corporation for anyone charged with a criminal offense.

    – D. S.

    I found myself charged with over 50 felony counts of workers compensation fraud. I ran a small lumbar business where I had independent contractors unloading trucks. I made meager income from this business. The State Compensation Insurance Fund did an investigation which they forwarded to the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office. The District Attorney’s Office filed charges which would put me in prison for the rest of my life. The charges also carried restitution and fines in excess of $100,000.00. The District Attorney’s Office also charged my sister because she was my bookkeeper. I hired the Law Offices of Richard Allaye Chan, Jr., A Professional Corporation. Ultimately, the District Attorney’s Office dismissed all felonies and I accepted a plea bargain for two misdemeanor charges. I did not serve one day in county jail. Mr. Chan was very professional and gracious throughout the process and his results were terrific. I would highly recommend Mr. Richard Allaye Chan,Jr.

    – H. M.

    I was never arrested before and all of the sudden I was facing charges for drugs that the police thought I illegally possessed. Unfortunately, I told the police I did not have a prescription. Mr. Chan was able to convince the District Attorney’s Office, through my pharmacy records, that I did in fact have a prescription which was approximately one year old and the District Attorney’s Office dismissed all charges. The District Attorney’s Office wanted me to plead guilty to a felony but I was able to walk away with all charges being dismissed. I would highly recommend Mr. Richard Allaye Chan, Jr.

    – M. S.

    I was charged with a DUI and had my rights violated. The Officer told me he pulled me over for my tail light being out. I knew it wasn’t out. Mr. Chan took pictures and filed a Motion to Suppress. Even though it was my word against the Officer’s word, the Judge found me credible and granted Mr. Chan’s Motion to Suppress all evidence. The District Attorney’s Office was then forced to dismiss my case. I thought I was going to lose my job and pension with a federal agency. I would highly recommend Mr. Richard Allaye Chan, Jr.

    – C. R.

    I was on vacation with my family and pulled over by the police in Placer County. I was charged with illegal possession of a controlled substance (11377 H&S). I hired Richard Allaye Chan, Jr. and I was not sentenced to one day in jail. Mr. Chan convinced the Judge and the Districts Attorney’s Office to allow me to participate in a drug program and all my charges were dismissed. I did not do anytime in jail, got the treatment that I needed and my record is clean. I would highly recommend Sacramento criminal defense lawyer Mr. Richard Allaye Chan, Jr.

    – J. G.


    I was charged with sales, distribution, and furnishing of illegal narcotics namely, Ecstasy. I was facing state prison and possibly deportation as I was not a U.S. Citizen. The District Attorney’s Office wanted me to plead guilty to a felony sales charged and refused because I didn’t believe I was guilty. I hired Richard Chan’s law firm and the quality of his representation was obvious in the results. The service from the assistants on up to Mr. Chan was top notch. I was extremely worried and Mr. Chan calmed my fears. The District Attorney’s Office wanted me to plead guilty to a lesser charge. Mr. Chan told me he would not recommend the plea bargain and the case went to preliminary hearing. After an entire day of cross-examining four witnesses, the District Attorney stood up and dismissed all charges against me. I think the District Attorney dismissed the charges because they were trying to get Mr. Chan out of the courtroom as he was helping all the other co-defendants also. I must tell you this was one of the greatest days of my life. The American System of Justice (with the help of Mr. Chan) worked for me. I would highly recommend Mr. Richard Allaye Chan, Jr. to anyone charged with a crime.

    – Robert


    I was charged with a second DUI and hired Mr. Chan to represent me. Shortly after my arrest, I moved away without ever dealing with the case and a warrant was issued for my arrest. Six years later I again contacted Mr. Chan to finally resolve my case since I could not get a driver’s license when I now live due to the warrant. Mr. Chan still had all of the documents demo my previous case and was wiling to help me. The District Attorney’s Office wanted me to plead guilty to the DUI and serve almost a year in jail because I have felony DUI convictions in another state. Mr. Chan refused to agree to that deal. He ended up getting the entire case dismissed against me and I was able to get my driver’s license back. I am so glad I hired him and coin;don’t have hoped to a better outcome. I would highly recommend Richard Chan.

    – Pat C.


    This firm has represented two of my family members in separate matters and both had successful outcomes. Mr. Allaye-Chan personally represented a family member in a criminal case and was successful in having the charge dismissed. Another family member was 7 days away from having their home auctioned due to foreclosure and Mr. Allaye-Chan and his associate, Shannon, quickly filed paperwork for bankruptcy to save their home. It was very short notice but Mr. Allaye-Chan again met personally with the family member and started work immediately to stop the foreclosure. He definitely has a Type A personality which may be off-putting to some people, but he has gotten results for my family and I would highly recommend him and his firm.

    – Elizabeth Y.


    I am 19 years old. My boyfriend attacked me and I was merely defending myself. Unfortunately, when the police came I was not very clear in telling my side of the story and I was arrested. Mr. Chan took my statement, wrote one letter to the District Attorney’s Office’s and they agreed to not file charges even before my first court date. I would highly recommend Mr. Richard Allaye Chan, Jr. to anyone with a domestic violence crime charge.

    – M. R.


    Best decision I ever made. I was arrested for felony DUI with injury in Sacramento, CA. This was my first offense of any kind and I was unsure of what to do. I interviewed several attorneys with my wife and the decision to hire Richard was easy. Richard treated me with dignity and respect from the very beginning. Richard promised to argue my case very aggressively and that is exactly what he did. The prosecutor in my case was pursuing the maximum penalty in my case which amounted to nearly 10 years in state prison. Richard would not accept this and continued to fight for me. Richard was confident that he could secure a better outcome and constantly encouraged me not to give up. I was scared and felt as though the world was caving in around me. Richard always reassured me that we were not done fighting yet. Richard was able to convince the judge in my case that I should not go to state prison for a first offense. That I was a good person who made a terrible mistake and should be given a chance. I was instead sentenced to probation. Richard Chan’s hard work and dedication made it possible for me to keep my family and career. Most importantly I have been able to see my child grow up in person. Richard is an excellent attorney whose opinion and advice I will always respect. Richard always made me feel like I was his most important client. To this day if I have any legal questions I know that Richard will always be there for me. I can’t ever thank him enough for what he did. Richard saved me when I thought all was lost. Hiring Richard Chan was the best decision I could have made. He saved my life.

    – Dan

    I was arrested for possession for sale and transportation of illegal narcotics. I took a deal for Proposition 36 Probation. I was a convicted felon. As a college student, my conviction was hindering my goals of graduate school as well as my employment opportunities. My friend referred me Richard Chan. I called Mr. Chan and asked if it was possible to have my plea withdrawn after only 6 months of being on probation. Mr. Chan filed a Motion and made oral arguments to the judge and the judge granted my Motion. From the time I initially retained Mr. Chan’s office to the time my motion was granted, my plea withdrawn and my charges totally dismissed was a total of 7 days. I was impressed with the plan and ultimate execution. I am no longer a convicted felon and I have no criminal record. I would highly recommend Mr. Richard Allaye Chan, Jr.

    – C. S.

    In my entire life I have never heard of an attorney returning money to a client. I believe this to be unprecedented. Within minutes I contacted my friend (who referred me to Mr. Chan) and related the occurrence. He was also immensely impressed. We both recommend Mr. Chan to any and all who require legal services. Had it not been for Mr. Chan’s efforts, I believe, I would be currently incarcerated. It was my good fortune…that Mr. Chan accepted my case. I would highly recommend Sacramento criminal defense lawyer Mr. Richard Allaye Chan, Jr.

    – O. Y.
    Sacramento County

    I had already been in prison once for a crime I committed 20 years ago. I paid my dept to society. Unfortunately, I was charged with spanking my child. I love my child very much and I would never intentionally harm my child. The police and the District Attorney’s Office charged me with felony child endangerment (273 PC). Because of my prior strike, the District Attorney’s Office charged me with a crime and wanted me put in state prison for 25 years to life. I was in county jail and the Judge would not grant me bail. Mr. Chan came to see me in jail and agreed to take my case. Within the first few court appearances Mr. Chan was able to convince the District Attorney’s Office and the Judge to not only grant me bail but release me on my own recognizance (OR) with no bail money needed. I was free but still face the 3 strike charges with the potential of state prison for the rest of my life. Mr. Chan was able to convince the District Attorney’s Office to dismiss all 3 strike allegations and reduce my charge from a felony to a misdemeanor and I was put on misdemeanor probation. My case was serious with very serious consequences for me. I would recommend the Law Offices of Richard Allaye Chan to anyone facing criminal charges. They were very thorough and in my case very effective. I would highly recommend Sacramento criminal defense lawyer Mr. Richard Allaye Chan, Jr.

    – W. C.

    I was in my early twenties, a single mother, with a young child. I got into an argument with the father of my child and I was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon (243 (a) (1) PC). After a number of court dates, my public defender advised me the best deal I could get was to plead to a felony assault with a deadly weapon. I would run the risk of losing my child and I would go to jail. I had no criminal record; I had never been in trouble before and the alleged victim in my case had a prior criminal record. Mr. Chan took my case conducted research and investigated all the facts and was able to convince the Districts Attorney’s Office to dismiss all my charges. Mr. Chan and his staff were extremely helpful, understanding and got me a total dismissal. I would highly recommend Mr. Richard Allaye Chan, Jr.

    – K. M.