Personal Crimes & Victimless Crimes

Murder is the most significant crime against a person.
Other crimes against a person are such crimes as battery, assault, mayhem, forcible rape, kidnapping, and robbery.

Criminal Lawyer in StocktonKidnapping is the unlawful carrying away of a person typically for purposes of obtaining a ransom. Robbery is the theft of property from the control of another. It is to be distinguished from burglary, which involves an unlawful entry into a premises for the purpose of obtaining property or committing some other crime. Rape is forcible sexual intercourse with another.

In addition to there personal crimes, there are a number of so called victimless crimes. Some people take issue with the use of the term victimless on the notion that all crimes involve a victim, whether is be the perpetrator or someone else. The crimes of prostitution, drug abuse, and obscenity are sometimes called victimless crimes.