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I was charged with sales, distribution, and furnishing of illegal narcotics namely, Ecstasy. I was facing state prison and possibly deportation as I was not a U.S. Citizen. The District Attorney’s Office wanted me to plead guilty to a felony sales charged and refused because I didn’t believe I was guilty. I hired Richard Chan’s law firm and the quality of his representation was obvious in the results. The service from the assistants on up to Mr. Chan was top notch. I was extremely worried and Mr. Chan calmed my fears. The District Attorney’s Office wanted me to plead guilty to a lesser charge. Mr. Chan told me he would not recommend the plea bargain and the case went to preliminary hearing. After an entire day of cross-examining four witnesses, the District Attorney stood up and dismissed all charges against me. I think the District Attorney dismissed the charges because they were trying to get Mr. Chan out of the courtroom as he was helping all the other co-defendants also. I must tell you this was one of the greatest days of my life. The American System of Justice (with the help of Mr. Chan) worked for me. I would highly recommend Mr. Richard Allaye Chan, Jr. to anyone charged with a crime.