Long-Term Consequences of a DUI Conviction

Sacramento DUI Attorney Discusses Long-Term Consequences of DUI

DUI Attorney in SacramentoDriving under the influence (“DUI”) is the most heavily targeted crime by law enforcement, and is the most common criminal offense in the United States. Once the dangers of drunk driving were made known, public outcry followed, and legislators acted fast to control the safety problem. Laws were written and tax payer dollars spent, and we are living in a day and age when a drunk driving conviction will have a significant negative impact on your life. People are beginning to learn that driving drunk is just not worth it, but many don’t learn soon enough. In an attempt to limit the desire to drive under the influence, our DUI attorney in Sacramento has compiled a list of the long term consequences of a DUI conviction. Please don’t let yourself make the mistake of driving drunk, as you will see below, the consequences can be very serious!

Long-Term Consequences of a DUI Conviction:

  • Revocation of Driver’s License – Depending on an individual’s driving record or past convictions, your driver’s license can be suspended as part of a DUI conviction – the length of time can vary greatly, and a DUI attorney in Sacramento may be able to negotiate a special restrictions license for qualified individuals
  • Reduced Employment Opportunities – There are many companies across the company that refuse to hire individuals who have a DUI conviction, and many of those companies will fire individuals who are convicted while employed – many government jobs take DUI convictions very seriously
  • Increased Auto Insurance Rates – Drivers who are convicted of DUI are usually automatically categorized as high-risk drivers by auto insurance companies and will be required to pay significantly increased insurance premiums – this is an expensive long term cost for DUI convicts
  • Flagged Background Check – When employers attempt to hire you, or a landlord runs a background check prior to signing a lease agreement, they will see the DUI conviction and decide not to move forward – even volunteer organizations will turn you away!
  • Loss of Personal and Professional Relationships – People don’t appreciate the fact that DUI convicts have put the lives of other’s in danger, and this can negatively impact your relationships
  • Revocation of Scholarships – A DUI conviction is a fast way for a student to have current scholarships revoked, and the opportunity to receive future scholarships significantly reduced
  • Multiple Convictions – If you have multiple DUI convictions, you can expect all of the above consequences to become significantly more harmful to your way of life – you can also expect to do some jail time

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