DUI / DWI – Driving Under the Influence

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DUI Charge? Sacramento DUI Attorney Will Help You Avoid Jail & Save Your License

California Vehicle Code Section 23152 makes it unlawful for a person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs to drive a vehicle if the level of alcohol or drugs can impair their driving ability.

Unlike many other provisions of the Vehicle Code, however, a DUI is considered a criminal offense, not a traffic infraction. As a result, those arrested for DUI or suspicion of DUI need to take the matter very seriously, just as if it were any other criminal charge. A DUI conviction will not just appear on your driver’s record, it will show up as a criminal conviction in law enforcement databases and when prospective employer’s conduct a background check.

Nationwide, every state has set the legal limit of alcohol at 0.08% Blood Alcohol Content (BAC—a measure of the percentage of alcohol in the blood by volume), although those drivers who have less than this amount may still be cited for reckless driving. For commercial drivers, the limit is 0.04%.

A DUI Charge is Serious!

The state of California, like most other states, has cracked down in recent years on enforcing its DUI laws. California law enforcement bodies conduct over 2,000 sobriety checkpoints across the state every year, and according to the California DUI Management Information System, there are over 200,000 DUI arrests every year in the state.

You Need to Take Immediate Action if You Have Been Arrested for a DUI in Sacramento!!!

Many people mistakenly assume that there is nothing they can do once charged with DUI, particularly if they have refused or failed an on-the-spot BAC chemical test.

The problem is, people could not be more wrong and their lives have suffered for it!

This is a little off-topic for Sacramento, but not too far away in the San Francisco Bay Area, DUI convictions were put into doubt by the discovery that law enforcement officers were failing to calibrate their breathalyzer devices properly. Challenging the validity of a chemical test is just one way our Sacramento DUI lawyer can beat your DUI charge – there are plenty of other ways, including challenging the arresting officer’s conduct.

Police officers make mistakes and break procedure all the time, and if they do so during your arrest, the case can be thrown out of court. If you believe that your DUI arrest or the charges involved with your DUI are in any way unsupported or unjustified, contact our Sacramento DUI attorney right away. The average time between arrest and conviction for a DUI can be less than 90 days.

A Sacramento DUI Attorney Can Help!

A DUI will harm more than just your criminal record, it will affect your DMV record and DMV will hold an administrative hearing with regards to the revocation or suspension of your license – this is completely separate from any court action taken, and you will need to be sure that your attorney is an expert regarding DMV administrative procedures. Our Sacramento DUI attorney has handled hundreds of DUI cases including the DMV administrative hearings, and will fight to help you keep your license. Call us today at (916) 446-4400